The Heroes of Today






-Pictures are taken from Twitter. They were circulated so much that I didn’t know who’s the original source of each one.

Karma! Now that I think about it, I can’t stop thinking Karma. A few days ago, when America was getting ready to face Hurricane Sandy, Arab (mostly Saudi and Egyptian) Sheikhs encouraged people to pray for the death of all American infidels and even Arabs and Muslims who live in America. The last 3 days, almost 3 “events” happened in Saudi Arabia leaving many dead & many more injured.

Today, 7:28 in the morning, we read the first tweet of an explosion in Riyadh. For five hours, intense feelings flooded our timelines, pictures and videos from the scene, guesses of the number of deaths & injuries, that was our main topic.

Saudi youth were the ones to report the explosion and to spread the news. Saudi youth took the job of saving the injured and taking them to hospitals before ambulances arrived. Saudi youth took the job of directing traffic so cars can pass. Saudi youth decided to head to hospitals because the injured will surely need blood donations.
For some reason, I felt like I was living in an anarchist state with citizines taking over everything.

I will not talk about TV channels and how they sent no reporters. I will not talk about how Saudi State TV was playing a movie for two hours after the explosion. I will not talk about the four-hours late Civil Defence statement. This post is dedicated to the heroes who saved the day, or tried to; who did more than anyone would’ve asked them to. Thank you. You made us proud.

To the lost souls: may you rest in peace. To the wounded ones: may you overcome this stronger. To all of us: may we realize what’s wrong and rise to change it.


One thought on “The Heroes of Today

  1. فعلاً هنيئناً لنا بشبابٍ مثلهم
    هم حقاً الأبطال. ، رعاهم الله
    ونوماً هنيئاً للبقية !

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