Burdens of Saudi

As children, we grow up thinking what you say & what you do are the same thing. If your words are noble, then so will be your actions. How innocent of us !
We only become grown-ups when we realize that that is not the case.
People do say things or ask others to do things while they do the exact opposite. And as disappointing as that sounds, it’s life, it’s a passage we need to go through & try not to be pulled in by it; try to stay as pure as possible. It’s the same with governments also, and if Marilyn Monroe once said: “If you’re gna be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty”; Sometimes, even that doesn’t work! Sometimes, the dark side is so obvious that any attempt to “sugarcoat” it would look pathetic.

Having said that, I’ll move on to my main topic, relying on your wit to link what I said to what I’ll say :)

Saudi Arabia took part in repressing both the Bahraini & Yemeni revolutions last year, not to mention its own.
It offered asylum to Bin Ali, the fugitive/former Tunisian president. The Tunisian demands for his extradition continue to be ignored.
( It’s noteworthy that Hamza Kashgari, the Saudi tweep who was accused of offending prophet Mohammad & who fled the country after death threats was caught in Malaysia & sent back to Saudi where he’s still detained waiting for trial)
Ali Abdullah Saleh, another former president, got to enjoy the Saudi hospitality; over two months of medical care & some free time to organize the process of oppressing the Yemeni people. The kind of oppression that led to an assassination attempt which sent him to Saudi hospitals in the first place!
Saudi Arabia is also one of the countries who stood firmly against Bashar Al-Assad. It attacked his “tyranny” & “obstruction of democracy”.
Saudi Arabia is also the country where 30,000 human-beings are held in prison, with no charges nor trials, for “crimes of conscience”!
This means, for a number of them, the act of standing up for prisoners of conscience with no charges nor trials. Ironic, isn’t it?
Claims of liberation, double standards, intrusion, sectarianism, arrogance … all of this & more has turned Saudi Arabia into another America!
People, especially Arabs are starting to hate us. In fact, they’re calling us ” the impurest nation of the purest land”.
I know my government won’t listen if I ask or demand anything, but I’ll ask anyway:
I ask that it leaves the world alone & fix its own issues. I ask that it stops giving the world more reasons to despise us. We put so much effort trying to seperate ourselves from terrorism, we don’t want to be connected to oppression or hypocrisy.
And I’ll ask the world to please not judge us based on our government’s actions or attitudes. Please, don’t abandon us or our causes because of that.

“No bearer will bear the burden of any other person” Qura’n, Fatir:18.


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