Increase your passion for me
My most beautiful fit of madness
Make me drown .. Oh my lady
For the sea calls me
Make me more dead
Perhaps as death kills me, I can truly live
And oh most beautiful woman in the universe, love me
I’m the one who loved you till the fire burned me, love me
If you allow me, I would love for you to live within my eyes
Your love is my map, the world’s map no longer matters
I’m the oldest city of sorrow
And my wounds are as deep as hieroglyphics
My pain has spread, like a flock of doves from Baghdad to China
Oh bird of my heart
Oh sand of the beach
And oh my soul
Oh forest of olives
Oh taste of ice and taste of fire
My doubt and belief
I tremble from the unknown so strengthen me
I tremble from the darkness so hold me
I tremble from the cold so cover me
And sit next to me and sing to me
For since the beginning of creation
I have searched for a home for my forehead
And a woman’s love that takes me to the edge of the sun and throws me in
Brightness of my life, my lantern, the representation of my vineyard
Make me a bridge with the scent of lemons
And place me like an ivory comb in the darkness of your hair and forget me
For you, I freed my women
And I left history behind me
And I cancled my birth certificate
And I cut off all my arteries

Nizar Qabani

– Translator unknown


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